Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Georges DuBoeuf does it again! 2004 Beaujolais and other ramblings

So- I have a love/hate relationship with GD (henceforth my nickname for Georges DuBoeuf) wines. They tend to taste great and are relatively inexpensive- but EVERYONE knows about it, so why should I bother posting?

Well, I hated the 2003 release. BUT I saw the 2004 on sale for $5.49 a bottle and I had to give it a try.

And I tried it.....

and then......

went back and bought 8 more bottles!

You see, we have a wine refrigerator, courtesy of my father, who loves wine as much, no more, than I do and so for Christmas one year he gave us one that holds over 30 bottles. For a newly married couple in a small apartment on a small income, it was a luxury.

You see, in college, my "Wine Cellar" was a cardboard box that I kept hidden on a top shelf of the pantry in my apartment so that my roommates wouldn't stumble in home drunk and decide that they needed one last drink before passing out. It also kept *me* from the wine. I still retain one bottle from those days, a 1998 chateauneuf.

So I digress. Anyway, I don't post often, because when I see something I like , I buy a case or 2 of it and throw them in my fancy fridge and Kevin and I drink it down slowly (or not so) slowly. After my last Fusee posting I think I ended up buying 4 or 5 cases. Couple of red, couple of white. Then once the fridge gets kind of sad and empty again, I go on a buying binge of at least a case.

The 8 or so bottles of GD Beaujolais were in my last wine run, along with a 1996 Crimean Port- interesting, some Penfold's, a French organic wine that I brought to a party, but I drank too much beer so I never got to taste or comment on it, some other random port, probably Taylor Fladgate Tawny, some Ravenswood, and God only knows what else....

Having 3 kids 3 and under will:
1. Seriously limit your ability to blog, or read other people's blogs.
2. Severely increase your desire to drink
3. Cause you to forget what it is you had to drink recently that was so good.

why go get some GD 2004 Beaujolais Villages?
It is light, fruity and goes with almost anything. I have had it at my wine fridge temperature- it I remember it is at 58, at room temperature and chilled, and it has tasted great... And it is a great wine to give to someone who doesn't typically like red wine, as it is light bodied and simple.

The going price seems to be $7.99, but I have purchased all of mine on sale at $5.49 in New York.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A long absence, with good reason

Well, I haven't blogged, in, um, well, let's see- months! How embarassing.

I must attribute my absence to 2 main reasons:

1. A major major home renovation- including a new home for our wine cabinet!
2. Spending all free cash flow on the house and not on wine. Cheap beer and Fusee have been our only major consumptions over the past few months.

I'll attempt to begin posting more often again. This also means that I must drink more, which is never a problem in my book!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fusee Syrah 2003

I've bought this wine several times before and for $6, it is a great everyday wine. Now, on sale for $3.99 as it was yesterday, it is case worthy! So I picked up another dozen bottles. Fusee goes down so smoothly. It has hints of raspberries, blackberries, and dark chocolate. The taste is not overpowering. We paired it with steak but it could easily go with Mexican food as well.

I tihnk some people tend to stay away from buyer-blenders and that is too bad. Don Sebastiani and Sons make a great wine without going through the trouble of growing their own grapes. As Negociants they can pick up oddball lots of less-popular grapes and mix up some very interesting blends.

So far I have had the Syrah and the Chardonnay. If you have expensive taste on a minuscule budget go ahead and pick up a bottle. Don't worry about the screwcap either! That just means you can drink it anywhere!

Friday, March 24, 2006

J. Lohr: no more?

So my brother in law, whose opinion I do value, recommended a wine I thought I should try: Wildflowers, by J. Lohr. I moseyed on down to Viscount, which could easily be my second home if I could live in a retail store, and I picked up 2 bottles. When I can afford it, I always get 2 bottles of a new wine to try. That way if I like it, we can enjoy the 2nd bottle, save it in our wine refrigerator, or give it away to someone we like.

My first thought when I tasted it, was, uuuummm, tart. Piquant. Kind of like cider. Not like wine. Then an apple-y flavor. Again, not really like wine. Not bad, but I don't think they set out to make apple cider and then market it as wine. Just my opinion.

The wine wasn't awful. But it didn't really have anything memorable. Well, I guess if it tasted like apple cider that is memorable, because wine normally doesn't taste like that.

My brother in law then mentioned he was hammered when he tried the wine.

So, lesson learned. Don't try wines that were tasted by your brother in law hammered.

Net loss- $22.00 for 2 bottles.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Welcome to A Glass a Day!

Welcome to a new Blog about wine called A Glass a Day. I'll be discussing wine, wine novelties, the wine business, travels, vineyards and more. I'm also planning on reporting regularly on the health benefits of wine consumption and how "A Glass a Day" can lead to a better life!