Friday, March 24, 2006

J. Lohr: no more?

So my brother in law, whose opinion I do value, recommended a wine I thought I should try: Wildflowers, by J. Lohr. I moseyed on down to Viscount, which could easily be my second home if I could live in a retail store, and I picked up 2 bottles. When I can afford it, I always get 2 bottles of a new wine to try. That way if I like it, we can enjoy the 2nd bottle, save it in our wine refrigerator, or give it away to someone we like.

My first thought when I tasted it, was, uuuummm, tart. Piquant. Kind of like cider. Not like wine. Then an apple-y flavor. Again, not really like wine. Not bad, but I don't think they set out to make apple cider and then market it as wine. Just my opinion.

The wine wasn't awful. But it didn't really have anything memorable. Well, I guess if it tasted like apple cider that is memorable, because wine normally doesn't taste like that.

My brother in law then mentioned he was hammered when he tried the wine.

So, lesson learned. Don't try wines that were tasted by your brother in law hammered.

Net loss- $22.00 for 2 bottles.

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Kevin said...

I tried this wine (actually I drank most of it) and I must say I understand what my brother was thinking. After the third glass, once the taste buds were sufficiently damaged, it wasn't half bad. So I guess if you're already drunk this is a good wine for further drinking. After all, why waste the good stuff when you can hardly taste it any more.