Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Georges DuBoeuf does it again! 2004 Beaujolais and other ramblings

So- I have a love/hate relationship with GD (henceforth my nickname for Georges DuBoeuf) wines. They tend to taste great and are relatively inexpensive- but EVERYONE knows about it, so why should I bother posting?

Well, I hated the 2003 release. BUT I saw the 2004 on sale for $5.49 a bottle and I had to give it a try.

And I tried it.....

and then......

went back and bought 8 more bottles!

You see, we have a wine refrigerator, courtesy of my father, who loves wine as much, no more, than I do and so for Christmas one year he gave us one that holds over 30 bottles. For a newly married couple in a small apartment on a small income, it was a luxury.

You see, in college, my "Wine Cellar" was a cardboard box that I kept hidden on a top shelf of the pantry in my apartment so that my roommates wouldn't stumble in home drunk and decide that they needed one last drink before passing out. It also kept *me* from the wine. I still retain one bottle from those days, a 1998 chateauneuf.

So I digress. Anyway, I don't post often, because when I see something I like , I buy a case or 2 of it and throw them in my fancy fridge and Kevin and I drink it down slowly (or not so) slowly. After my last Fusee posting I think I ended up buying 4 or 5 cases. Couple of red, couple of white. Then once the fridge gets kind of sad and empty again, I go on a buying binge of at least a case.

The 8 or so bottles of GD Beaujolais were in my last wine run, along with a 1996 Crimean Port- interesting, some Penfold's, a French organic wine that I brought to a party, but I drank too much beer so I never got to taste or comment on it, some other random port, probably Taylor Fladgate Tawny, some Ravenswood, and God only knows what else....

Having 3 kids 3 and under will:
1. Seriously limit your ability to blog, or read other people's blogs.
2. Severely increase your desire to drink
3. Cause you to forget what it is you had to drink recently that was so good.

why go get some GD 2004 Beaujolais Villages?
It is light, fruity and goes with almost anything. I have had it at my wine fridge temperature- it I remember it is at 58, at room temperature and chilled, and it has tasted great... And it is a great wine to give to someone who doesn't typically like red wine, as it is light bodied and simple.

The going price seems to be $7.99, but I have purchased all of mine on sale at $5.49 in New York.

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