Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Do Not buy list

I'll be updating this over time, but I figured I could save some people the trouble by just listing some icky wines that I have tasted lately. These wines are available at your local grocery store.

Duplin Carolina Scuppernong
This wine is made in North Carolina so I picked up a bottle just to be somewhat "Local"- and I'd never heard of Scuppernong. Its a local muscat grape which is known more for dessert wine. Well, to be honest I couldn't finish the bottle, even with loads of ice in it. It tasted like drinking liquefied grape jelly. Or thinned out honey--- it didn't taste like wine, more like an alcoholic syrup.

Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand
I've really enjoyed Sauvignon Blanc lately thanks to my father and mother, who started getting to know it when they moved to South Carolina. I've been drinking a lot more white wine since it's SO hot! This wine though, which I picked up at the grocery store for $6, really tasted like bubbly lighter fluid. I got through the bottle because I was thirsty and I was having some cheese and crackers to tone it down, but it literally burned my tongue. Sorry!

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